Write Quality Content, Search Engines Rank Will Follow
Assume you have finished building your site, and you have quite few nice items for sale, with some specialized service offerings, the website looks pretty professional, there is only one problem, you site only has negligible traffic. You've tried the traditional way, leave your business cards whenever and wherever possible, give out catalogs and gifts at trade shows, dole out thousands of coupons and store flyers, the website traffic is still pretty pathetic, sometimes there are no sales at all.  You just don't have any idea what's going on, You did all you could as far as it concerned traditional business. The reason is simple, people are relying on search engines to find them deals, if people search the keywords related to your site and they can't find your site, how do they visit your site?
Now it comes down to how to make your site visible to people who searches related keywords. If you want your site to be visible, you need to be on the first page of google and other search engines, preferably in top 3 positions, otherwise you won't get too many visits from the search page. Being in top positions is great, but how? Welcome to the jungle, which has a name: SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization. The slightly outdated way to do it is link building, under normal circumstances you will hire some to build links for you, the problem with this strategy is that first you have to pay by the amount of links they build, if you have more than a few 10s of keywords you will end up paying some big money for "quality" links, in addition to the costs there is another problem, the links will be from any websites, let's spare link directories, the worst thing is that your links porbably will appear on a lot of ill designed sites, most the linking sites are not properly indexed and flooded with unrelated links. Besides, most search engines are favoring context links more than pure links, so the linking strategy won't get you too far. These problems have a solution, which is article marketing.
Simply put, article marketing refers to that you write articles, you post articles to a lot different blogs, directories, since the links in the artciles are contextual, search engines will give credit when it's due. The more articles you distribute the more one way back links you will gain, with more links to your site your keywords position will get improved. You either write all or some of the articles yourself, or you can contract experts to write articles for you, either way, you have your articles about your products, you can distribute exact copy of same articles or rewrite the articles for each new distribution. In reality, both type of articles will work. But search engines are being improved every day,  so stick with quality articles and work with real websites, such as these sites, baby stroller, best smartphone, mobile business, and only choose real blogs and well maintained articles directories, this strategy will deliver you better search results than any other strategies.

Light Truck Cargo Control: Cargo Bars, Cargo Net and Bungee Cord
A while back we've been on the road for a while , and we had a lot things in our pickup truck . I may have to admit that the trunk is just like a trash can , you will be able to find all kinds of garbage like stuff in it, sometimes I think I am just a hoarder! In the beginning I believed that I could pack them well, in the middle of stacking I was totally lost. When the trunk is full I just stared at the mess I created, said to myself, I just did that? OK, I actually did that. I said to myself that there was no way I could go ahead like this, If I went on the road with the dumpster here were what would happen: you could imagine the whole mess would collapse onto the road and might cause accident, or I got stopped by police officer before anything could happen and got ticket and points.
I still  needed to go ahead, I either could repack everything and tie them down or just hold the whole mess together with something, OK, even I start over I still will have to find something to secure the load, these choices actually mean one thing, I need some cargo control stuff for my pick up. Do I need heavy duty tie downs such as ten thousand pounds ratchet strap or grade 70 tie down chains? Definitely no.
The tie down is a really big product category, there are so many different kind of tie downs, but I only search for stuff for pick up truck, first I came across 1” ratchet straps, 6 or 9 feet, but with 2000 or 3000lb strength they were overkill in a sense, though there were not expensive at all, cam buckle straps were in the same shoes, all I could see was something too much in strength, too little in real world use, I don't think the ratchet straps could improve my situation there, 1'' straps weren't helpful here. Besides, 1” ratchet straps won’t be able to hold a lot small pieces together at all. I went through a lot of information and finally arrived at cargo nets , I could choose from 48''x60'' or 60''x84'', depends on my need, and this was just what I needed, just put the cargo net on top the pile then tie it down, you’re all set. Here we have to introduce the bungee cord , the essential part of the cargo net, you can use the cords separately or connected together just like cargo net. For the record, the cargo nets and bungee cords are perfect for hold small stuff together, especially irregular objects in my case. And these nets and cords are perfect cargo control stuff for cars, small trucks and small vans, you will be able get good deals all over the place. Now the nets and cords aside, probably a lot people will like to have a cargo bar in their trunk, when you want to divide your trunk for some reason you will need cargo bar/lock bar, sometimes called load bar, make cargo in the truck stay where they are, almost everybody will need one at some point.

By Rudy Young

The Things You have to Know about Ratchet Straps

The ratchet straps are just the assemblies of ratchet buckle and tie down webbing, if we use cam buckle instead of ratchet buckle then it's cam buckle tie down, it's pretty straight forward, isn't it? Most likely these cam buckle straps are used on pick up trucks or passenger cars for luggage tie down, and small cam buckle(1'') are more popular than big ones(2''). Compare to cam buckle the ratchets are stronger and more widely used, the available sizes of ratchets are 1'',2'',3'' and 4'', and the ratchet buckle generally has higher working load limit than the  cam buckle, with 3,333LBS, 5,400LBS working load and a design factor of 3:1, these ratchets have 10,000LBS and 16,2000LBS breaking strength respectively, which are pretty strong for most tie down applications.

So far we discussed about tie down devices for flatbeds or similar transportation vehicles, we will see there are other kind of trucks, the typical one is box truck, and most of them have E Tracks installed inside the truck, for these rigs we use e track straps. In fact box truck has much bigger share than flatbed truck, the percentage maybe around 80%, of course this is only estimation but you get the idea, and the conclusion is that e tack straps are by far the most popular tie downs. With 1,000lbs safe load  limit and 3,000lbs minimum breaking strength, e track straps are not as strong as flatbed tie down straps, It's understandable that e track straps have lower working load limit, because the box truck wall will provide strong support for the loads inside, and the truck wall will prevent the loads from falling off, rolling over, tilting and some other dangerous movements. Coupled with e track cargo bar, rope tie off, e track hardware(such as D ring with E fitting), shoring beam, e track tie downs can be used to secure any kind of loads, and secure them reliably, but you still have to pay close attention to the safety of your cargo, easy to secure is not an excuse for careless tie down practice.

We already discussed the design factor of ratchet straps, it is 3:1 and for the record all this says is that safe load limit of tie down straps is 1/3 of it's breaking strength, in the mean time the design factor of grade 70 tie down chains is 4:1, so the chains can support heavier load, and are more resistance to abuse, such as high/low temperature, moisture, while tie down straps usually only work well under normal condition. The standard material of which tie down webbing is made is nylon webbing or polyester webbing, depends on different tie down applications. The typical application for nylon webbing is motorcycle tie down, while polyester webbing is ideal for tying down concrete pipes. When making the webbing, we have to take following characteristics in to consideration, the breaking strength, elongation, abrasion and the environment. There are mandated criteria for breaking strength and elongation of the tie down straps , while the abrasion and environment are mostly estimation and subjective sometimes, different area may have different requirements. Therefore the manufacturer may have to make these tie downs to different standards.

By Rudy Young

Grade 70 Truck Chains and Load Binders
Grade 70 transport chains and ratchet binders are tough tie down equipment , both chains and binders are made of carbon steel, the WLL of the chains and binders are higher than most comparable tie down straps , let's look at 5/16'' transport chain(WLL 4700lbs) vs. 2 inch tie down straps with WLL 3333lbs ,  3/8” chain(WLL 6600lbs) to 4” tie downs(5400lbs) , you will see that compare to tie down straps, binder chains are much stronger, and chain binders are even stronger than same size chains, for instance, 5/16''-3/8'' binder has WLL 5400lbs which is stronger than 4700lbs WLL of 5/16'' grade 70 chain . Another reason chains and binders are considered heavy duty, is their design factor is 4:1 while webbing tie downs have 3:1 typical design factor, see “Design Factor” for reference .
The National Association of Chain Manufacturer recommends that the steel which can be used to make grade 70 binder chains must have less than 0.35% Carbon, 0.040% Phosphorous and 0.050% Sulfur. When the material meets NACM recommendation, the manufacturing process are under strict quality control, and the final products meet or exceed  DOT requirements, you can put the chains and binders on your 18 wheeler and haul away .
To tie down big rigs such as forklift, bulldozer is what we use grade 70 transport chains and binders for, tie down straps have no chance against these tough guys, the only choice is binder chains and binders , the most popular chain size for these  kind of load are 3/8”, for some light equipment which is still too heavy and hard for straps 5/16” will be ideal chain size. 1/2” and up are mostly for really heavy stuff, for example, military applications, say to tie down battle tanks, you will definitely need 1/2” even 5/8” grade 70 chains to tie those bad boys down.
Grade 70 binder chains can be used on anything but overhead lifting, you need at least grade 80 alloy chains for overhead lifting. We see people use transport chains to drag the trees, tow the docks, and to tie down the logs out of the the trees, you can go around to find more creative uses of these chains and binders.

By Rudy Young

Ratcheting Tie Down Straps
The assembly of ratchet buckle and nylon or polyester webbing is the ratcheting strap. Usually people use nylon or polyester webbing to make the straps  , and the working load limit can range from less than 100lbs to more than 1000lbs , the width should be  1” to 4” , usually we can see hooks, loops or chain extension at both ends of the assembly .
The material people use to make ratchet buckle is steel, specifically carbon steel, but the ratchet handle can be aluminum or plastic coated, or just the steel . For different applications and jobs, these ratchets come in with a few flavors, short handle, wide handle, long handle, long and wide handle ones,  depends on their personal preferences and purpose, people will choose different ratchet handles for their tie down needs, it's the varieties make ratchet straps the king of tie downs.
Both nylon and polyester webbing are used to make the straps, but they have different characteristics, for shock absorption, we need nylon webbing and for tie down bulk loads we need polyester webbing straps, nylon webbing has better elongation than polyester while polyester webbing are stronger than nylon ones, in real world applications we need varieties of straps for different jobs , that is to say we need both nylon and polyester webbing  straps for different needs.
Coated with suitable material, we can change the characteristics of the webbing , we can make more abrasion resistant, seal the straps to prevent corrosion, increase ultra-violet light resistance, increase or decrease coefficient of friction and more .
And the quality of the straps is the critical characteristic, to use these straps properly and safely is imperative. Now we need to find low price yet high quality straps. Your local store will probably have most straps you need, but the price to quality ratio probably will be pretty high, but this is not always true. Actually there is a better way to acquire these straps, you guessed it, online stores are probably the best place to find wonderful deals, not most of the time but you will always find what you need, maybe not exactly but it will be close, and you may find some websites are pretty helpful in this regard, such as Trucker's Deal, you will find extremely useful information about tie down stuff.

By Rudy Young


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